Soil Probe

The Universal Soil Probe, Australian designed and manufactured, unlike any other! The soil probe is lightweight, reliable  and robust.  Originally designed to meet the rigid requirements of the exploration industry, specifically geochemical ( mobile metal ions  and BLEG) sample collection. Subsequent refinements in both design and manufacture have successfully delivered benefits to a wider range of other commercial applications including agronomy, building construction, environmental, structural engineering. The success of the soil probe in addressing the requirements of different applications largely rest in both the of design of the Soil Probe and the internal auger. The design and development of the ‘Universal Ground Probe’ embraced from the outset the challenge of reducing cross contamination, portability and reliability, the mission was to make every single sample count !

How it works?

Probe1smallThe Universal Soil Ground Probe penetrates the surface to a predetermined depth. The Soil  Probe provides the option of automatically sieving samples. Soil samples can be sieved to meet  particle specifications and volumes. In any event samples are automatically deposited into a sterile container without and physical contact or intervention. The  Soil Probe  substantially eliminates  the age old problem of operational cross contamination and double handling.

The Soil Probe has been specifically designed  for regular and sustained activity. It is lightweight, innovative and yet robust. It is manufactured in non-corrosive materials for sustainability,  it can  be powered by various  power sources, although a  battery operated drill of 50Nm or greater is the preferred power source.  The Soil Probe only requires only one person to operate. The same device can be applied to a diverse range of commercial applications and operational requirements merely by changing simple depth settings, the size of the the sample collection container and on occasion  the internal auger.  The Soil Probe provides three different sample container option 70ml, 450ml and 1 litre.

Key Features of the ‘Universal Ground Probe’ include:

Drill1– Portability, ease of use and cleaning.

– Reduced risk of sample contamination.

– Both robust and precision engineered

– Only one person required to operate.

– Augers to suit different applications.

-Preset and variable collection depths.

– Automatic  sieving  to specific particle size requirements when required

– Sample size and volume entirely variable.

– Sieved material captured in sealed containers.

-Soil sample collection in seconds!

-Manufacturers 12 month warranty included.

For further information about our  introductory offers or how to purchase direct, or where and how to hire for small projects contact:  info@universalgroundprobe.comThe ‘ Universal Ground Probe’ is Australian designed and manufactured and is subject to Australian Innovative Patent rights (2013101026). For details of your nearest distributor contact us today at

Jon Preston – Managing Director 0419171962 or write to Universal Ground Probe Pty Ltd.,  P.O.Box 1581.  ALBANY.  W.A.   6331